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Charming wood shelves

The "apple" of Burlington's eye



Mario (left) and Luigi (right)




You know that feeling when you walk into a bakery and the scent of hot, baking bread sifts through the air? How about the feeling of walking into a butcher shop and having your meat cut to your liking? And who hasn't visited their local market to hand pick the freshest fruits and vegetables?


It was 1993, and the economy was in a slump. For most, this was a difficult and ominous time, but for Mario Antico and Luigi Nudo, it was a golden opportunity.


Mario and Luigi delighted in the chance to begin a new venture. The main reason? A great location in the heart of a great community. They took the names Mario and Luigi, combined them, and Marilu's Market was born.


Many hours were spent on creating a grocery store that would be unique in design and service. Nothing about Marilu's resembles your average grocery store. Personal service is the key to our success, the staff is always friendly and obliging as possible to the customers.



Good service combined with high quality goods is hard to come across but that is what you will find at Marilu's. You will be taken back by the warm and inviting "Market Place" atmosphere, it almost feels as though you are walking through a European shoppe.


Marilu's is lined with charming wood shelves stocked with everything from your name brand goods to delicacies from around the world. Fresh produce is neatly displayed in one section, a meat counter allows you to speak directly to the butcher about recipes and prime cuts of meat. The deli provides nutritious lunch and dinner options and a wine shop is located at the exit.


It's one-stop shopping at its finest.



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