Marilu's is your one stop shop for Meats, Seafood, Produce, Groceries, Prepared Foods for any occasion and more!

Indulge in the exceptional world of culinary delights at Marilu's Market, where we offer an unparalleled selection of freshly prepared gourmet foods and a diverse array of culinary treasures. Our commitment to quality and taste extends across all departments, from our exquisite prepared foods, deli and fromagerie to the succulent meats and seafood in our butcher section.

Get a Bite of the Best at Marilu's: Featuring Alderwood Farms!

At Marilu's Market in Burlington, ON, we proudly offer Alderwood Farms' exceptional line of meat products, including all-beef hotdogs and a variety of breakfast sausages. Alderwood Farms' hotdogs are made from high-quality, grass-fed beef, are gluten-free, filler-free, and free from added hormones or antibiotics, embodying the spirit of Canadian summers with a taste you can trust. Additionally, Alderwood Farms' breakfast sausages are crafted from humanely raised Canadian pork and are available in original and maple flavours. These fully cooked, casing-free sausages are less greasy, not chewy, and made with simple, clean ingredients—perfect for a wholesome start to your day. Enjoy the natural goodness with every bite, knowing you’re choosing products that care for both your family and animal welfare.

Effortless Online Catering for Every Season and Celebration

Marilu's Market now makes your event planning seamless with our expansive online catering options. Whether you're hosting a special holiday dinner or a lively party, our menu offers an impressive selection of hot dishes, salads, and gourmet platters. Enjoy our hot and savoury offerings, from BBQ pork ribs to grilled rosemary chicken breasts, or choose from our delightful cold dishes like our antipasto trays and diverse salad options. We cater to all seasons with special menus for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter, featuring turkey and ham dinners that are ready to impress your guests without any hassle. Additionally, our online system allows you to easily order from our vast range of products including desserts like our gourmet dessert bars and a variety of fresh fruit trays. With options to preorder for specific seasons or events throughout the year, Marilu's Market ensures your catering needs are covered with just a few clicks.

Experience Authentic Mexico: Freshly Made Salsas & Guacamole at Marilu’s

Step into the rich culinary tradition of Mexico with Marilu’s Market’s freshly made salsas and guacamole, right here in Canada! Our store-prepared Mexican delights bring the authentic and bold flavours of Mexico to your table. Featuring traditional recipes and real, fresh ingredients, our selection includes favourites like our spicy Chile de Arbol salsa, vibrant Green Salsa, and creamy Guacamole, available in both large and small sizes. Also, don’t miss our unique Macha Salsa and the sweet tang of our Mango Salsa. These salsas are internationally recognized as some of the finest globally due to their rich, complex flavours that are crafted using traditional methods. Typically hard to find in Canada, we offer a taste of real Mexico with our homemade quality and traditional recipes. Indulge in the true taste of Mexican cuisine with our salsas and guacamole—perfect for enhancing any meal or enjoying as a flavorful snack

Marilu’s Famous Store-Made Soups

Dive into a bowl of warmth and flavour with Marilu’s Market’s famous store-made soups, renowned across Burlington for their homestyle goodness. Our prepared foods team crafts each batch with care, offering a delicious variety of options to satisfy any craving. Choose from hearty Beef Barley, velvety Butternut Squash, comforting Chicken Noodle, and richly satisfying Chili. Our lineup also includes lush Cream of Broccoli, smooth Cream of Cauliflower, traditional Potato Leek, and the rustic charm of Turkey and Wild Rice. Each soup is conveniently packaged in 1L jars—perfect for stocking up your fridge for those nights when you need a quick, cozy meal. Visit Marilu’s today and discover why our soups are a local favourite, ideal for those chilly evenings when all you want is to snuggle up with a delicious, nourishing bowl of homemade soup.

Effortless Meals Await at Marilu's Market!

Marilu's has so many options for quick and easy dinners. While you adjust to new routines, try some of our ready-to-cook favorites like these marinated, flattened chickens. Browse the prepared and hot food tables to find something quick, healthy, and delicious. From savory pies and quiches to a wide selection of salads, wraps, and sandwiches, our offerings are perfect for any mealtime. Don't miss our hot table for ready-to-eat dishes, including everything from chicken parm to vegetarian lasagnas. Plus, enhance any meal with our store-made sauces, salsas, and guacamole. Whether you’re craving comfort food like meat lasagna and chicken schnitzel or looking for something lighter like our lemon & herb salmon, Marilu’s Market in Burlington, ON is your go-to destination for prepared meals to go.