Marilu's Market has the best selection of non-alcoholic drinks tailored to your lifestyle.

Uncover a world of flavors with Burlington's premier selection of non-alcoholic drinks. From dinner parties to quiet evenings at home, our beverages provide a sophisticated alternative that keeps the spirit without the alcohol.

Non-Alcoholic Wine Selection

Exquisite Non-Alcoholic Wine

Experience the elegance and depth of fine wines without any of the alcohol. Our non-alcoholic wines are sourced from the world's most prestigious wineries. Each bottle offers a rich, nuanced flavor profile that rivals its alcoholic counterparts. Perfect for celebrations or a quiet night in.

Non-Alcoholic Beer Selection

Diverse Alcohol-Free Beer Collection

From rich, creamy ales to crisp, refreshing lagers, our selection of alcohol-free beers means you'll find the perfect brew for any occasion. Explore traditional and craft options that maintain all the taste and none of the alcohol.

Zero-Proof Spirits

Craft Zero-Proof Spirits

Our zero-proof spirits are designed for the discerning palate, perfect for those who enjoy the ritual of cocktail-making but prefer to avoid alcohol. With everything from non-alcoholic Rum to Amaretto, each spirit is crafted to deliver the full experience of its alcoholic inspiration.

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